Fairmat recycles carbon fiber composite to re-use in composite material applications for a global positive impact.

At Fairmat, we help our customers to achieve improved product performance through realizing the many benefits offered through adoption of recycled carbon fiber composite technology including weight reduction, corrosion resistance, higher strength and stiffness, and with a positive ecological footprint.

Video of the opening of the Fairfactory

Providing advice about
how to benefit from
recycled carbon fiber

Fairmat provides advice to its customers about how to gain maximum benefit from using recycled carbon fiber composite. Products that may previously be designed and manufactured from metals, wood, plastic, etc. are now being replaced by recycled carbon fiber composite; It is an enabling technology and can open up new ways of designing improved products to achieve higher technical performance through lightweight strength.

For many applications, recycled carbon fiber composite can mean lower whole lifecycle costs than using traditional materials, due to benefits such as durability and low in-use energy costs.

Our mission

Our goal is to recycle carbon fiber composite for re-use in composite material applications delivering a positive impact for the planet.

This commitment is reflected in our team’s daily operations by an approach that aims to improve our environmental and social performance, both for our plant and in our office.

We want to help prevent landfilling or incinerations of a high growing raw material while reducing the emission of CO2 per kilo recycled thanks to our proprietary technology.

With respect to our stakeholders,
this conviction is reflected in:
  • A strict code of ethics
  • A well-regulated industrial process
  • An environment of trust that is based on a fully transparent communication about the future of their waste

Our Team

At Fairmat, we are passionate about the fact that we are
contributing to create something great and unique to the
carbon composite recycling business.

Benjamin Saada
Founder & Executive Chairman

Benjamin is recognized as a world-known co-inventor in the aerospace industry for the TiSeat©, the world’s lightest aircraft seat. He has been recognized multiple times and received prestigious awards like the Montgolfier Medal, the JEC Innovation Award in 2014, the INPI award in 2017 and 2020 aerospace personality of the year by USAIRE.


Raffi Kamber

General Partner and Co-Founder at Singular, European tech venture capital firm based in Paris and London. He specializes on B2B companies and has a long history of investing in Computer Vision, Deep Tech and Infrastructure. Before cofounding Singular, Raffi was a Partner at Alven where he spent eight years and backed the likes of Algolia, Dataiku or Qonto from their earliest stages. He holds a MSc in Telecommunications Engineering from Ensimag (France) and an MBA from Insead.

Antoine de Saint Afrique
CEO of Danone

Before his recent appointment at Danone, Antoine was Barry Callebaut’s CEO since 2015. Prior to Barry Callebaut, he held a series of senior executive positions at global consumer goods company Unilever, where he notably led the Foods division. A graduate of ESSEC and Harvard business schools.

See Ming You
Director at Temasek

Director at Temasek, a global investment company headquartered in Singapore with assets of ~US$300b. He runs a generalist early stage mandate and has invested in a number of companies globally which include SolidEnergy Systems (NYSE: SES) (materials company based in US), Truelayer (fintech company based in London), Nium (fintech company based in Singapore) and supported them through the full spectrum of funding stages. He holds an MSc in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics and degrees in Mechatronics Engineering and Corporate Finance from the University of Western Australia.

Managing Team

Alexandra Peliserro
Chief Brand Officer
Nadim Haswani
Chief Finance Officer
José Feigenblum
Chief Technical Officer
Julien Pascal
Head of Recycling sales
Vincent Mallinger
Head of Materials sales
Fabrizia Clevering
Head of Legal
Pierre Garrigue
Purchasing Manager
Anne Quillet
Head of Marketing
Mathilde Poulet
Head of Products
Philip Polack
R&D Robotics Manager
Chloé Butstraen
Materials Development Engineering Manager
Anaïs Recher
QHSE Manager