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Fairmat materials are suitable for smart cities equipments

Smart Cities solutions

Lightweight & High-Performance

As society becomes increasingly concerned about the well-being of our planet and the eco-footprint we leave for future generations, there’s a corresponding rise in demand for sustainable materials

Fairmat materials offer exceptional mechanical performance and reduce both the amount of material required and the total weight of your product.

Electric vehicle charging station, fairmat, carbon fiber material

Examples of applications

We offer a wide range of options to cater to a range of priorities. Whether your requirements are focused on sustainability, performance, design, or reducing product weight, Fairmat has a solution to match your needs.

  • hydrogen fuel cells
  • interior design
  • street furniture
  • luggage

Fairmat materials can be used wherever industries are engaged in sustainable manufacturing. 

Features of Fairmat material


Low-impact, recycled, and recyclable


Maintain performance equivalent to the material you’re replacing


Reduced weight at equivalent stiffness

The Fairmat Material Promise

  • Reduces the carbon footprint of your products dramatically: Fairmat is recycled and recyclable
  • Allows additional customization to specifications due to its unique properties

Customer case study

One of our partners, a world-leading luggage manufacturer, has asked us to design a solution that will advance their goal of becoming more sustainable. 

They want to maintain the resistance-to-wear their products are known for, while reducing their weight and improving the design. Fairmat delivers on every requirement, optimizing the design of the parts while reducing environmental impact of the finished product.

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