a sustainable future
for carbon fiber composite

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Recycled material:
innovative and performing

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Recycling solution:
virtuous and scalable

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At a Glance

Carbon composite has excellent properties for
lightweight construction. Its use has grown tremendously
and as it did, finding sustainable solutions for its life
cycle has become more and more critical

375 000

metric tons

from wind turbines dismantlement over
the next 10 years.

2 000

metric tons a year

for production waste from aerospace industry. Today, each new aircraft
delivery made of carbon fiber composite produces scrap. At Fairmat,
we are giving them an alternative to landfilling or incineration.

This is the objective of Fairmat:
to reduce Carbon Fiber Composite End-of-Life footprint

190 millions

metric tons of waste in 50 years

averting billions of kg of CO2 emissions

Our advanced products & materials

We are creating new fair material. It is ecological, light,
robust and designed to be used in almost every industry.

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Fairmat raises capital to advance carbon fibre recycling