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Creating a sustainable future for carbon fiber composite

  1. It all starts with waste

  2. That we recycle

  3. and manufacture

  4. to finally create
    Fairmat product

  5. which is itself

  6. Close the loop
    on carbon fiber

A strategic partner

We were able to stop landfilling thanks to our collaboration with Fairmat. It allows us to recycle our CFRP products and give a second life to carbon fiber composite.

Cécile CECCATO, Environment Manager

A strategic partner

We are delighted to be working with Fairmat to develop the sports equipment of tomorrow. At Decathlon, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our products.

Guillaume LENCLEN, Manager BU Composite Decathlon

A strategic partner

We have decided to work with Fairmat because of their experience in sustainability which is something we really want to explore, for what it means for the planet and for us as a brand.

Carmen Mazzoccu Rios, Product Department of Siux

A strategic partner

We are committed to the transition to a circular economy. We have the desire to minimize the waste from our processes and products, and we rely on partners like Fairmat in our strategic development.

Jonas JENSEN, Sustainability Specialist Manager

A strategic partner

By working together,
we are able to reduce the carbon footprint of our operations and create more efficient
recycling solutions for carbon fiber composites used in the aerospace industry.

Thierry MERLOT, President of Europe/Asia-Pacific/MEA
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carbon fiber

Join the Fairmatters

This job is good for the planet

Our mission is to have a positive impact for the planet. We aim to improve the recycling materials industry using innovative technologies. Want to work for an environmentally driven company? Get on board!


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