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We build the manufacturing ecosystem that puts second-generation materials
at the heart of forward-thinking manufacturers worldwide.

A Mission with Impact

We are committed to having a global positive impact on the environment. Our process and our work – in general – has its roots in one major principle: in order to be meaningful, recycling has to emit less CO2 and Greenhouse gases than producing a new material.

Founded on this principle, our work will provide an alternative to incineration (consuming less energy and preserving air quality) and landfills of carbon waste (preserving the landscape along with soil and water quality).

impactful mission

The 5 “Fair” principles

Fairmat offers a sustainable alternative to traditional methods of dealing with carbon fiber composite waste, scraps, and end-of-life parts. We do it with our 5 “Fair” principles in mind. We work for:

  • The planet: by massively reducing the carbon footprint 
  • Industry: by selling cost-effective materials, so businesses can invest in better products and eco-design
  • Consumers: by offering them a world of progress to enjoy
  • Our investors: to reward those who have decided to invest in decarbonization, opening the way for other deep-tech startups
  • Fairmat: and finally, all the employees for whom we are creating a work environment they can enjoy and that offers them security in the long term (and at the same time, adding value to our company)

This principle of “Fairness” is a touchstone for our managerial choices and our overall culture.


of European CFRP (Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer) industrial waste secured.
agreements for recycling and materials creation.
raised in 2022 (Series A) and 2021 (Seed).

Our location and trajectory

Business headquarters
24 rue Mogador
75009 Paris, France
Tel: +33 1 89 53 29 32

R&D Lab
Metropole 19
134 rue d’Aubervilliers
75019 Paris, France

11 rue Belouga
44340 Bouguenais, France

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