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A future in which second-generation materials
empower the world’s industries

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The Fairmatters are on a mission to have a positive impact on the planet.

At Fairmat, we are passionate about creating something unique, useful to the carbon composite recycling business, and that makes a positive contribution to the environment.

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Our board

Our Board – made up of our investors and our CEO – has decided to invest in decarbonization and open the way for other deep-tech startups. Fairmat uses ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criteria as a basis for strategic and operational decisions, and as a framework for screening investments according to corporate policies and actions.

Founder & Executive Chairman

Benjamin Saada


Raffi Kamber

CEO of Danone

Antoine de Saint Affrique

Director at Temasek

See Ming You

Our Executive Committee

A team of Fairmatters committed to leading Fairmat’s progress and growth. With diverse backgrounds and skills, our Executive Committee ensures that the administrative policies, programs, and budgets established by the Board of Directors are implemented and that we achieve our mission. We trust them to ensure the growth and evolution of Fairmat and of every Fairmatter.

Founder & Executive Chairman

Benjamin Saada

Chief Financial Officer

Nadim Haswani

Chief Impact Officer

Alice Balagué

Chief Operating Officer

Yannick Le Louarn


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This job is good for the planet

Our mission is to have a positive impact for the planet. We aim to revolutionize the materials recycling industry using innovative technologies. Want to work for an environmentally-driven company? Get on board!