If you want to be part of a fair mission, join us on our innovative and engaging adventure for the planet


“This job is good

for the planet”

Why join Fairmat?

Fairmat is focused on building a growing and successful company by hiring enthusiast, dedicated, and bright professionals.

Our commitment to create a sustainable future for carbon fiber composite provides a stimulating work environment which offers significant opportunities for our employees to grow their skills and develop their careers.

Our values

We uphold this mission by maintaining the following values:


We say what we do in complete transparency, putting ethics in the foreground.


We do what we say by creating value for all.


Do just what it takes, nothing more no less to achieve the goal that we have set.


Protect the environment for the benefit of future generations.

Words from inside

Fairmat allows me to work for a company that is fair to the planet and fair to its employees, thus allowing me to find meaning in my daily work.


Head of Legal

It's really about joining an adventure, getting to be part of the building process. Everyone at FAIRMAT believes that we can really achieve great things and everyone is working for it to make it happen. So it's always better to be part of the journey.


Project Manager

I loved the idea of joining Fairmat because the concept is promising, clever and attractive while being rooted in a strong environmental approach.


Sales Administration Manager

I am delighted to participate in the international development of Fairmat and support the circularity of materials in the industry.


Head of Finance

What I like about my job is the opportunity to propose a viable recycling technology that makes carbon fiber composites accessible to many applications.


Material Engineer

Life at Fairmat