Coming soon the opening of the Fairfactory

What about our factory: the Fairfactory

A reminder of what the Fairfactory is

One of our main objectives for 2022 is to launch our factory in a short period and with a high required level.

Our production plant is based in Bouguenais, close to Nantes.

Since the creation of Fairmat, we’ve been driven by our engagement to give a second breath to what makes our daily life easier. So instead of sacrifying some precious acres of land and building our production site from scratch, we chose to take over an existing plant. We also saw the opportunity to offer a job to the former site employees who had lost their job. So we took over an existing plant and some of the crews.

It makes sense with our desire to “not produce” and to use the existing.


The evolution since the opening of the Fairfactory

Since opening in Q2 2022, our plant has evolved quickly. The teams that started their onboarding last April are operational and close to complete. Thanks to the QHSE manager, the processes definition, the 5S method, the products qualification, the arrival of machines, and the Digital Twin technic, they have already started recycling materials from our customers.

If you want to know more about those two techniques, you can read these previous articles:

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Today we are in full enthusiasm as the team grows. The production lines with machines are operational, and the processes are adjusted daily.

Our team is starting to welcome our customers and introduce them to our mechanical recycling technique. They can discover the method which retains some of the mechanical properties of the carbon fiber and avoids significant CO2 emissions.

The official opening for customers and interested persons

We will soon open our factory to more customers so they can discover the Fairfactory and the recycling of composite carbon fiber by our teams, as well as the manufacture of our unique material.

Would you like to visit our factory? We will soon release a video presentation of the Fairfactory. So you can discover our method, our teams, and our materials.