Fairfactory opening: The future of advanced materials recycling

The opening of our Fairfactory took place on October 25 in the presence of customers, partners, investors, and employees. More than a hundred people attended the event named “Fairfactory opening: The future of advanced materials recycling”.

This inauguration’s objective was to open our factory’s doors a few months after its start. We presented our ambition for the next few years and unveiled our robotics production line.

This inauguration took place in several stages. To begin, Benjamin Saada, with several collaborators, presented Fairmat’s mission, followed by a tour of the factory and its robotic production line, to conclude with an informal exchange.


Want to discover the key messages of our inauguration?

You can watch the event summary by clicking here and see the entire speech of 20 minutes with English or French subtitles.

Discover the main parts of the speech realized during our Fairfactory opening: The future of advanced materials recycling:

This factory is unique:
– as you can see, we are surrounded by robots, AI & by the state of the art technology
– and while we are producing material here, as you can see, no one is wearing a mask or gloves because this factory is completely clean

At Fairmat, We do not want to pollute anymore!

Natural resources are running out. Oil, minerals, water, wood… We HAVE TO get ready to live without them.
In terms of renewables, it is even worse. For example, EVEN during the Covid pandemic, when everything stopped, Earth Overshoot day was in August. To me, that says we’re NOT going to reach any sustainable development goals through abstinence and that we NEED technology to help us GET there.

So recycling: is it good or bad?

Fairmat is recycling advanced materials. Do you know the difference between standard ones and advanced materials?
– Advanced materials are the materials we CANNOT do without.
– They improve energy efficiency, transportation, and medical devices and enable game-changing techs like Hydrogen and many more…

For these purposes, using virgin materials – if possible, the highest-performing ones – is entirely justified.
Who wants to live in a world where you won’t get the best medical prosthetics? Or the safest plane?
We recycle advanced materials so that we CAN replace ALL the standard ones. Because, for any use that is NOT advanced – for ALL the rest – we CAN use Fairmat recycled materials.
In this range of advanced materials, we started our adventure with carbon fiber.

Why start with carbon fiber?

– Because the FUTURE of decarbonization depends in part on this material.
– Because of its exceptional properties in terms of strength and durability,
– and because there is a LOT already produced that needs to be recycled
– and overall because, today, composites are landfilled or incinerated and can’t continue.

These materials were manufactured for decarbonization, and now there are landfilled, and Fairmat’s mission is to close the loop with an ecological solution.

It’s all about a NEW BALANCE!

How to guide ourselves between all the traps surrounding us?

The greenwashing, the temptation of an easy way, the non-relevant referential and impact calculations…
Here are the people we work for:
– The planet: by massively reducing the carbon footprint,
– The industrials: by selling affordable materials, so they can invest in better products and eco-design,
– The consumers: by making them enjoy a world of progress,
– Our investors: to reward those who have decided to invest in decarbonization and open the way for other deeptech startups
– Fairmat: and finally, fair to all the employees for whom we must secure a nice, durable work environment (and add value to this company.)

So it’s the job of the CEO to satisfy all of them, finding the right balance. The true and only guide is Fairness. Fairness must come first.


At Fairmat, we are lucky enough to work in this factory and see waste arriving daily by the door. Then they are being transformed into fantastic materials by those robots before joining our customers. That’s so inspiring!

In full transparency, Fairmat wanted to share our “secret master plan.”

It consists of 3 points:

  • energy self-sufficient factories, able to manufacture the Fairmat without polluting
  • Digital conception platforms allow our customers to solve unsolved issues.
  • (Re)recycling Insurance, making sure that Fairmat material never ends into a trash bin

By doing so, we will grow the feedstock of Fairmat to such a level it can become a true alternative to natural resources.

This plan should allow us to propose a massive decarbonization of manufacturing production and at the same time, preserving – as much as possible – our environment and natural resources for essential uses.

We are ready!