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fairmat recycles carbon fiber composite at the Fairfactory


Where the industrial revolution begins

The Fairfactory in action

The Fairfactory is an existing plant in Nantes (France) that has been repurposed to recycle carbon fiber composite. It’s where we create our high-performing and sustainable material.

Fairmat has made a commitment to giving scrap and end-of-life materials a second life where possible, and the Fairfactory is where we honor that commitment.

The opening of the Fairfactory 

Watch a short video of the opening of the Fairfactory – The future of advanced materials recycling

Fairfactory at a glance

sqm / Surface area
Capacity per year
machines and robots mainly managed through machine learning

We have implemented scalable technology relying on 2 applications of Artificial Intelligence:
Machine Learning and the Digital Twin.

Next steps

On the Nantes site, we aim to 

  • invest 7 to 10m€ per year
  • hire 400 employees
  • install hundreds of robots

We will also expand within and outside the EU:

  • sales offices opened outside of France to meet demand
  • 2 more factories planned in Spain and Germany
  • a factory operational in the United States next year 
  • followed by expansion into Asia

We expand globally, but keep our operations local, because local recycling is eco-friendly recycling.

That’s how Fairmat is becoming a “multi-local” company.

R&D Laboratory

Our laboratory is located in an industrial incubator in the 19th district of Paris. 

At Fairmat, it’s clear to us that abstinence isn’t the key to achieving national and global sustainability goals. We need technology to help us get to where we need to go. Projects carried out in the Fairmat lab are based on Machine Learning and the Digital Twin.

Our objective is to predict the evolution of our materials and to optimize quality. The tests we carry out in the lab ensure Fairmat materials meet our stringent quality standards and allow us to create eco-designed products that meet and exceed our customers’ expectations and requirements.