Fairmat can recycle your carbon fiber composite waste

Fairmat recycles carbon fiber composite scraps and End of Life parts


Development of a recycling solution for carbon fiber and polymer matrix composites.


Our recycling process is a real virtuous circle because we give a second life to carbon fiber composite waste, contrary to the landfilling or incineration of products. It is a mechanical process that avoids the emission of CO2 and harmful smoke, as can be the case with solvolysis or pyrolysis methods.

We already work with well-known companies such as Hexcel, Tarmac, Siemens Gamesa, and Duqueine.


Fairmat accepts a large range of wastes from the carbon fiber composite industry

In this way, Fairmat can recycle waste such as CFRP in prepreg, pultruded, or woven, whether they are expired, at the end of their life, or simply in the form of production scraps.

So if you have to recycle those types of waste:

  • Pultruded Profiles,
  • Cured prepregs,
  • Uncured prepregs,
  • Out of life/spec CFRP prepregs,
  • Unidirectional tapes,
  • CFRP Trimming scraps,
  • Out of spec CFRP parts.


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The success of Fairmat’s recycling program lies in:

  • A community of suppliers committed to finding a sustainable solution for their waste and production scraps
  • An alternative to traditional recycling that offers advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Finite Element Analysis, Machine Vision, etc., delivering the best-in-class ecological solution
  • A unique industrial proposal with mass scaling potential able to solve the issue of carbon fiber wastes worldwide


Our standard process is in 3 steps:

  • Onboarding: qualifying needs, testing campaign (3 to 6 months), and scoring
  • Initialization: designing your logistics, contract, containers delivery, and the start of operations
  • Ramp up – your recycling channel is operational: annual reporting about the impact of your recycling activity with Fairmat, progression of the waste recovery, and proposal of circular applications if needed.


Be part of a fair recycling program with Fairmat.