Fairmat wins big at the Cleantech Open

We’re still smiling at Fairmat, after winning two prestigious competitions this year – the Cleantech Open France challenge and the Cleantech Open Global Idea competition. Fairmat wins big at the Cleantech Open.

Fairmat decided to challenge its concept and to meet other innovative start-ups, by participating in Cleantech Open France – the national offshoot of Cleantech Open. The team was thrilled to win both the national and worldwide challenges. Here’s how it all came together…


Background to the challenges

Cleantech Open runs the world’s largest clean technology accelerator program, based in the US, with hubs around the world. Since 2005, Cleantech Open has worked with over 1,800 early-stage cleantech innovators. Cleantech Open helps them develop their business models, engage investors, and secure first customers.

Moreover, Cleantech Open organizes an annual business competition, on a global and national scale. It aims to help and connect cleantech startups with the people and resources. Then, it will accelerate their success, and provide a national platform for public visibility. In France, that competition is called Cleantech Open France.

The national and worldwide competition brings together entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges.

Fairmat celebrates double success with Open Cleantech

Fairmat registered first in the Cleantech Open France challenge. Representing Fairmat, Antoine de Turckheim stepped up and did us proud. Actually, he pitched Fairmat’s ambition, objectives and strategy to a jury of experts and qualified professionals. The result: first prize in the “circular economy” category! Therefore, the whole team was delighted to win from a lineup of so many promising start-ups and gain their place in the Cleantech Global Idea competition.

Indeed, Fairmat took their place in the global contest alongside 20 other great start-ups. Every one of those companies is working hard to find solutions for real challenges: today’s energy, environmental and economic emergency.

Fairmat was again represented by Antoine de Turckheim. He did an incredible job, leading Fairmat to the podium to claim the global prize.

So, it was an absolute honor for us at Fairmat to participate in this international event, in the company of great entrepreneurs from all around the world.

Big thanks to Antoine, and to all the Fairmat team who helped us take home these awards, and who work hard every day to ensure we deliver on our ambitions to create a sustainable future.


Antoine pitching Fairmat's ambition at the Cleantech Open France competition

Antoine pitching Fairmat’s ambition at the Cleantech Open France competition