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Impact report

Impact at the heart of our mission

Developing the notion of impact has always been an integral part of our strategy since the beginning, with Fairmat mission to contribute to a decarbonized and circular future for carbon fiber composites.
The 2023 Fairmat impact report wants to be a transparent and comprehensive summary of our company’s efforts to address environmental and social challenges we faced during this year. By sharing our progress and future goals, we aim to foster open dialogue with our stakeholders, promote sustainable practices within our industry, and contribute to a more circular economy.
This report also allows us to assess our own performance, identify areas for improvement, and refine our approach towards impact to push our ambition always further.

Manifesto: Circular industry for a resilient Europe

As a new and innovative economic player, we are fully committed to the green transition. The purpose of this document is to present our vision of the European economy and industry. The NZIA is a good start, but we can be more ambitious. Adopting a real industrial policy is essential for the resilience of the European continent. Successive crises have shown the limits of the EU’s current economic system. That’s why we are promoting a modern, sustainable and circular industrial policy.

In brief, this document presents all of our proposals for the next european mandate.

We share this document with all those who are likely to have an impact on European policies.