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electronics goods made in Fairmat recycled materials

Consumer Electronics solutions

Sustainable & High-Performance

High-end audio, gaming, portable audio, home entertainment, AR/VR: our material is suitable for a wide range of Consumer Electronics components.

Fairmat’s innovation offers many advantages to manufacturers, such as lighter AR/VR or audio headsets, while maintaining high mechanical performance. It also replaces aluminum, steel, or plastic parts with sustainable material. Robotic carbon fiber molding and machining technologies produce high-quality finished parts.

electronic goods parts, advanced materials, recycled materials

Examples of applications

The move towards sustainability is underway in the Electronic Goods market. Fairmat material gives manufacturers the option of a more intelligent and sustainable material, with more ingenious production and a unique esthetic

For example, the Fairmat ranges can replace:

  • the faceplate, usually made of a thermoplastic-injected material
  • parts with high cosmetic finish
  • casing
  • metal plates
  • rigid acoustic parts made from complex machined metal parts, with smarter molded-design parts

Features of Fairmat material


Low-impact, recycled, and recyclable


Maintain performance equivalent to the material you’re replacing


Reduced weight at equivalent stiffness

The Fairmat Material Promise

  • Reduces the carbon footprint of your products dramatically: Fairmat is recycled and recyclable
  • Allows additional customization to specifications due to its unique properties

Customer case study

Fairmat’s Smart Molding Technology makes it the ideal material for Audio cases. We are currently working with a world-leading manufacturer of high-end audio

The Fairmat Infinity® range uses Fairmat’s proprietary molding method to simplify production by reducing manufacturing and assembly steps. Production efficiency is improved, with fewer operations, lighter parts, reduced transportation costs, less energy used, and time saved.
In addition, the part is made of recycled carbon fiber and is itself recyclable, further reducing the environmental impact of the product’s life cycle.

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