We make a fair material, in France.
Mostly from recycled materials.
But strictly performant and ecological.

We develop a material specific to our clients’ needs, offering a cost-effective solution for high-performance products, while providing advanced grade characteristics for a positive impact on the planet.
Our fair material offers a sustainable and competitive advantage vs. what provides a traditional recycler, and we do it on a massive scale. Our innovation in recycling retains the structural properties, making it an ideal ecological and low-cost alternative that can be utilized in several applications.
And it is recyclable too.

Providing advice about
how to benefit from
recycled carbon fiber

In addition, Fairmat provides advice to its customers about how to gain maximum benefit from using recycled carbon fiber composite. Products that may have previously been designed and manufactured from metals, wood, plastic, etc. are now being replaced by recycled carbon fiber composite; It is an enabling technology and can open up new ways of designing improved products to achieve higher technical performance through lightweight strength.

For many applications, recycled carbon fiber composite can mean lower whole lifecycle costs than using traditional materials, due to benefits such as durability and reduced energy costs.

Industries included but not limited to: Aerospace, Automotive, Green construction, Leisure goods, Rails.

Main Characteristics

High strength-to-weight ratio

Carbon footprint: -41kg of CO2/ kg of recycled material

Flexural strength


Fit for eco-design

Tensile strength


Fairmat offers a long-term and sustainable solution to
secure carbon fiber composite lifecycle environmental

to the planet

it massively reduces carbon footprint

to consumers

they keep enjoying a world of progress without
worrying about the end-of-life status

to the industrials

it enables the use of advanced materials required
to be competitive and environmentally friendly