At Fairmat, we transform production scrap and End of Life waste into a new recycled composite material.
On a massive scale.

The success of Fairmat
recycling programme
lies in:

A community of suppliers committed to finding a sustainable solution for their waste and production scraps

An alternative to traditional recycling that offers advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Finite Element Analysis, Machine Vision, etc. delivering the best-in-class ecological solution

A unique industrial proposal with mass scaling potential able to solve the issue of carbon fiber wastes worldwide


Free of charge waste disposal system

Automated and simplified process

Fast deployment of containers
in just 7 days

Carbon footprint reduction
calculation and waste reporting

Access to a new generation
of recycled carbon fiber composite

From door-to-door

If you wish our help to dispose of carbon fiber waste, so that you avoid
steep landfill costs, please contact us.

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It’s not just an investment in the environment. It is a commitment to the belief that we can do better than landfills and incinerators. We think it’s not happening fast enough, frankly. It really needs more investments now to be able to shift.

We need to accelerate the implementation of all new approaches to support the necessary transformation in the material business. To foster long-term results and meet SDGs UN goals, we can no longer rely on energy recovery.