Want to raise big in your Series A? Have a look at our fundraising deck!

Discover our fundraising deck 👀

As you might have heard, we proudly announced our €34m Series A funding round in November with world-famous investors (👋 CNP, Temasek, Friedkin, Pictet, & others) and with our partner from day one Singular. It is one of the largest Series A ever raised in France and in the Deep Tech space globally! It will allow us to scale our solution even faster, getting us a step closer to our objective of 0 tons of carbon fiber composite waste worldwide. ♻️🚀

Not only was our funding round big, it also happened during a global market crackdown. Tech companies globally are going through rough waters, with many startups being forced to lay off employees and to re-center their business model on profitability. The tensions on supply chains, rising interest rates, and geopolitical conflicts (among other things) have added uncertainty to markets. This led to falling investor confidence and crumbling company valuations.

In other words, it clearly wasn’t the best time to raise funds. 😵‍💫

Nevertheless, our team was able to close this funding round, overshooting our initial objective of €25m by over 30%. And this isn’t the only thing our team did. Here is a quick summary of what we have achieved in the last 12 months:

💸 Raise +€43m
🤹 Do this with a team of <15 people (at the time)
🌍 Get tier-one investors from Europe & Asia & America on-board
📈 Receive a significant oversubscription to the amount we were seeking to raise
📉 All this during a global market crackdown
🔥 And while also filling several patents, opening our first factory, signing over 30 clients & expanding our operations internationally

Closing this round while also developing the company at such a fast pace confirmed our initial intuition: mentalities are evolving. Businesses are looking for ways to decarbonize their activity, investors are looking for “green” investments, and new talents are looking for jobs with meaning. Basically every stakeholder is getting involved in the fight against climate change. Fairmat couldn’t have grown so fast without the implication of all these players. We therefore decided to do our part in this fight & share our knowledge with other startups.


You might be wondering: why are we sharing this with you? 🤔

You might be wondering why we are not keeping our knowledge secret. Indeed, fundraising is competitive and you might feel like we are giving our competitors an edge.

That’s absolutely wrong! We believe our vision goes much deeper than just a deck. And keep in mind that people talk & documents leak. In just a few weeks, we’ve seen multiple pitch decks that were clearly similar to ours and we believe it is highly unfair that only a few startups benefit from our work.

We decided to flip the problem: if one person has access to our deck, we might as well make it available to everyone! Our success in the last 12 months allowed us to start tackling the global challenge of carbon fiber composite waste. If sharing our knowledge can help tackle other issues, count us in!

This is why you will find our deck below. This is the deck we used to raise our funds. Of course, we removed some information for confidentiality reasons but the structure is here.

Serie A – Deck de Fairmat –


What else? ☕️

Well as customary in such processes, we have answered to many questions raised by the investors as part of their assessment of the opportunity. The Q&A was mainly focused on

  • our competitive landscape and uniqueness of Fairmat process
  • the technology behind our solution
  • our materials sourcing
  • the TAM and SAM for Fairmat materials
  • the use cases of our products across our target verticals
  • the environmental footprint of Fairmat materials vs. other existing alternatives and materials


Enjoy your read and feel free to reach out at impact@fairmat.tech & tell us your thoughts on our deck! – and let us know if you intend to tackle another critical environmental issue, we would enjoy talking to you!