We continue our development

We continue our development by an expansion in Southern Europe.

After our first fundraiser and the opening of our factory, today we are accelerating our international expansion.


Let’s start with a little review of the history of Fairmat.

Created in 2020, Fairmat is a deeptech that aims to revolutionize the industry by proposing a new eco-friendly composite recycled at a low carbon cost. This new material represents a fairer and more efficient alternative to traditional composites and paves the way for countless new applications thanks to its low ecological cost and technical performance.

Benjamin Saada, the founder of Fairmat and co-designer of the world’s lightest aircraft chair, raised €8.69M in September 2021 to bring his proprietary technology to the industrial scale.
In November 2021, Fairmat and Hexcel, the world leader in advanced composite materials technology, announced the signing of a double partnership, including a commercial agreement for the recycling of pre-impregnated carbon produced by Hexcel in Europe and the resumption of the lease of a former Hexcel production site in Bouguenais (France).

Later, we announced the signature of several contracts with well-known actors in the carbon fiber market, such as Tarmac Aerosave, Duqueine, and Siemens Gamesa.

Today international ambition predominates with the desire to recycle carbon fiber wherever it is found. Spain and Portugal produce tons of carbon fiber scraps each year. This is true potential to continue Fairmat’s mission of recycling carbon fiber and avoiding landfills & incineration. Moreover, those two countries are very close to the Fairfactory, Fairmat’s first recycling and production plant located in France. This is why we have decided to continue expanding in those 2 countries.

Our strategy of recycling carbon fiber composites is supported by the arrival of 2 professionals in Southern Europe: José-Maria and Victor. Those experts in the carbon fiber composite, their experiences, and knowledge will help our international expansion. Their mission is to continue our partnerships in the sectors of Southern Europe: Spain and Portugal with our customers and prospects. This step is essential for Fairmat as it supports our desire to expand rapidly across Europe and beyond.

So contact us if you are interested in managing your production scraps in Southern Europe.

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