Why are we singular

Why are we singular?


For those who have followed Fairmat since its inception, you may have spotted the pun intended in this title.

Yes, Singular is the VC firm that has led our Seed raising funds back in the late Summer of 2021! And as a result, we are proud to be part of the singular firms in their portfolio.

But this is not the reason why we are writing this article.

Once in a while, a candidate or a client asks about our positioning vs. our competitors.

And each time, the answer is the same: “It depends on where you stand. Let us explain.”

If you are looking for a recycling solution, you can think of many other companies that have existed in the past decade and used different technologies applicable to carbon fiber-based composite. Fairmat disrupts the traditional recycling scheme by moving forward in the value chain. What changes with Fairmat are the low carbon transformation process, our direct environmental benefits, and the services attached.

If you are looking for recycled material while conceiving and manufacturing your products, again, you could look at many materials. But at Fairmat, we position ourselves in the field of high-performance recycled material, combined with sustainability. A premium recycled raw material if you wish. You may disagree with us, but consequently, we are singular on both ends.

(As a result, the list of competitors is shrinking)

why fairmat is singular

We believe that there is room for everyone, and there is room for improvement.

Improvement because we should all think about how to reduce our carbon emissions while we are manufacturing, recycling, engineering, etc.

We are committed to doing better than landfills or incineration. We think it’s not happening fast enough, frankly. It needs more effort now to be able to shift. So, we need to accelerate the implementation of all new approaches to support the necessary transformation in the materials business.

That is why we are Singular.