Why transparency is so important

It is always great to share and communicate on the topics we are passionate about. At Fairmat we love to talk about recycling carbon fiber, End-of-life product management, environmental issues due to incineration, and landfills… but what about communicating on our company itself?

Today we decided to tell you more about Fairmat and share some of our Data of the past 6 months with you. Why that? Because for us, transparency is one of the keys’ success factors.

Transparency, one of the keys to success 🚀

We believe transparency has become a key element in the attractiveness of any tech company in the 21st century.

It allows a lot of advantages for all the employees and board members. For example, it can:

  • encourage interactions between co-workers which can generate great ideas and improve performances
  • facilitate the share of information, so everybody is on the same level of knowledge, which can avoid misunderstanding
  • build a trustful relationship among people working together, which can lead to a stronger involvement

Fairmat reveals itself 👀

During the past 6 months, Fairmat has been growing and evolving. Today, we want to share our data with transparency. It sums up the work that has been undertaken to achieve our mission. Fairmat’s mission is to create a sustainable future for carbon fiber composites by transforming production scrap and End of Life waste into new recycled material.

We are glad to have a team of 62 Fairmatters to fulfill this mission. The team has doubled in the past months thanks to a recruitment campaign with 20 new talents who will join us the next quarter. The average age is 34 years old with different generations and nationalities working alongside.

We are working toward a gender-balanced team. Fairmat now has 30% women on its team. The average is less than 20% in the tech industry. According to Forbes, businesses and nonprofits that actively support gender equality, tend to make better business decisions.

Our sales development team has been landing contracts such as R&D contracts, series contracts… In total 16 new clients were onboarded!

In the months coming ahead, you will find over 100,000 products made partially or fully with Fairmat’s materials and 30% of carbon fiber production waste in Europe is going to be recycled by Fairmat.

We look forward to telling you more about our future projects in the next months!


Fairmat’s Data S1 2022