carbon fiber insole made with recycled carbon fiber

Use case Fairmat x Global Market Leader

Sustainable carbon-fiber shoe insoles

Sustainable footwear for a global market leader

Fairmat is proud to partner with the global market leader in thread manufacturing and structural components for apparel and footwear. 

They provide innovative and high-performing materials that combine safety and protection with reduced environmental impact. 

They cater to current and future trends, setting new standards in the process, as they turn customer ideas into reality and prioritize sustainability.

Their challenge was to integrate a second-generation material into their sports products without compromising the performance demanded by their customers.

carbon plate for shoes

A circular economy and high performance
a unique combination for footwear  

Our unique combination of sustainability and high-performance assists our partners in achieving their goal of maximizing the sustainability of their carbon-fiber shoe insoles.

This initiative is in line with our common desire to bring a Circular Economy mindset to the footwear industry. Both parties are committed to completely avoiding the use of virgin materials, replacing them with sustainable, yet high-performing alternatives. 
With our sustainable insole technology, we can honor this commitment together.

The Fairmat solution 

Our mission is to find out how our client can demonstrate leadership in their sustainability strategies while maintaining their profile as an innovative pioneer in the high-performance materials market.

At Fairmat, we can predict the behavior of the sole under specific conditions and stresses, and tailor the layout to maximize mechanical performance. Our Product Team can create a responsive layup design with tailored parameters such as stiffness, weight, and thickness. Our manufacturing process follows the same four steps as the product development cycle – design, prototype, tool, produce – all while reducing the footprint of carbon-fiber shoe insoles.

Key characteristics and benefits

Advantages of replacing virgin carbon fiber with Fairmat materials in carbon-fiber insoles 


Low-impact, recycled, and recyclable carbon-fiber plate insole


Increase energy efficiency, while reducing muscle fatigue


Optimize high-speed movement, providing protection and stability