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Sustainable carbon-fiber insole to make a difference

The most sustainable and high-performing carbon-fiber insole

We are on a mission to produce low-carbon-impact materials made from recycled carbon fiber composite.

Our environmentally friendly material is used to produce carbon fiber insoles, enabling the manufacture of lightweight, sustainable footwear with high mechanical properties.

Fairmat’s carbon plate shoe insole construction maximizes the efficiency of movement. Choose an advanced recycled material for the carbon fiber insoles.

running shoes, carbon fiber shoe insole

Use case: Fairmat x Global market leader

Our customer is a leader in thread manufacturing and structural components for apparel and footwear.

Our mission is to find out how our client can demonstrate leadership in their sustainability strategies. With our sustainable insole technology, we can honor this commitment together.

Key characteristics and benefits

Advantages of replacing virgin carbon fiber with Fairmat materials in carbon-fiber shoe insoles:


Low-impact, recycled, and recyclable carbon-fiber shoe insole


Increase energy efficiency, while reducing muscle fatigue


Optimize high-speed movement, providing protection and stability

Recycled carbon-fiber insoles

Fairmat’s research and development department is focused on delivering high-performance for athletes while protecting feet and reducing overall muscle fatigue.

Our advanced recycled material also enables:

  • Freedom in design with the optimization of material and laminate parameters to tailor mechanical performance (weight, thickness, stiffness, etc.).
  • Design and build of insoles with different shapes, thicknesses, and properties.
  • Whole-sole mechanical property testing: 3-point bending test on 3 separate zones (front, middle, rear).
  • Simulation of mechanical properties under specific demands and conditions.

High-performance insoles for athletes

It all starts with a thicker, lightweight foam midsole and a thin, recycled carbon-fiber plate embedded in the midsole.

At Fairmat we’re able to provide shoe insoles designed with second-generation carbon fiber, offering a spring-like effect giving energy back to the runner (up to 96%) and improving overall athletic performance.