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carbon fiber in sporting and leisure parts

Sporting Goods solutions

Performance & Sustainability without compromise

No matter the sport, our material offers the performance and sustainability you need. Tennis, padel, hockey, ski – our material is fit for purpose, reducing weight and improving performance while maintaining all the required characteristics of high-performance sporting equipment.

fairmat material padel racket, sporting goods and leisure

Examples of applications

The Fairmat molding method simplifies parts manufacturing, improving production efficiency, with fewer operations.
Our innovative material is also suitable for Personal Protective Equipment such as helmets. All products can be tailored to processing, design, and mechanical requirements.

Features of Fairmat material


Low-impact, recycled, and recyclable


Maintain performance equivalent to the material you’re replacing


Reduced weight at equivalent stiffness

The Fairmat Material Promise

  • Reduces the carbon footprint of your products dramatically: Fairmat is recycled and recyclable
  • Allows additional customization to specifications due to its unique properties

Suitable for a variety of sports

Our material is suitable for a variety of sporting goods such as padel rackets, shoe insoles, hockey cross, etc. FAIRMAT is currently developing a variety of assets.

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