padel racket made with recycled carbon fiber

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Design high-performing racket with our second-generation carbon-fiber material

A circular economy and high performance – a winning combination

Fairmat’s research and development is focused on creating high-performance, low-carbon-impact materials made from second-generation carbon fiber composite.

This environmentally friendly material is used to produce panels and molded pieces, enabling the manufacture of lightweight, robust, sustainable sports rackets with high mechanical properties.

padel racket

Use case: Fairmat x Decathlon

Decathlon is one of the world’s leading sports equipment retailers. 

One of Decathlon’s aims is to reduce the environmental footprint of sports equipment and meet new consumer expectations.

That’s why we have joined forces with Decathlon to develop a range of KUIKMA padel rackets.

fairmat develops a racket padel with kuikma

Webinar Fairmat x Siux

SIUX & FAIRMAT presents how sports brands can source responsibly to reduce their carbon footprint & incorporate life-cycle thinking into their manufacturing process.

Listen to our experts, Michael Gaultois & Isabelle Perl-Scemla’s exchange with Carmen Mazzoccu from Siux, a global Padel brand, on how they’re adapting sustainable materials to achieve environmental goals.

webinar with SIUX

Choose an advanced recycled material for your racket 

At Fairmat, we understand the importance of choosing the right racket.

That’s why we won’t compromise on mechanical properties when developing our racket components.

Different materials are used across different areas of a padel or a pickleball racket, such as the frame, core, face, and grip. 

The frame – the part of the racket surrounding the face – is a component that requires strong, high-density materials. Fairmat’s high mechanical properties make it the perfect material for a padel or a pickleball racket frame.

It offers an outstanding balance between hardness, lightness, and resistance, providing a more comfortable and safe game.

In addition to great performance, Fairmat offers the advantage of reducing the environmental impact of your racket – it’s now recycled and recyclable, with a low carbon footprint.

Key characteristics and benefits

Advantages of replacing virgin carbon fiber with Fairmat second-generation materials in sports rackets 


Made of recycled material
Low carbon emissions to produce


Tested for maximum impact, strength, flexibility – according to your needs


Better control and manoeuvrability

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