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Fundraising Deck: Template for Climate Techs

Fundraising Deck that FAIRMAT used to raise €34 M in a Series A funding round.

FAIRMAT’s Series A fundraising highlights:

  • Over €43 million in funds were raised in total.
  • Participation by Tier 1 investors from America, Europe, and Asia.
  • Exceeding Series A funding targets — marking fundraising success despite the economic crisis. 
  • Filing several patents, inaugurating the Factory, onboarding 30 new clients, and expanding operations internationally summed up our year.

Investment Landscape 

In November 2022, FAIRMAT raised €34 M in a Series A funding round with renowned investors — CNP, Temasek, Friedkin, and Pictet, among others, and in (a long-standing) partnership with Singular

Deeptech startups raised 28% of the total startup funding in France and created 47,000 new jobs in the year 2022 alone. FAIRMAT’s Series A was among the biggest Deeptech fundings in France and worldwide, despite the economic downturn at the time.

FAIRMAT surpassed the anticipated funding target of €25 M by over 30% when tech companies globally struggled to make ends meet, resorted to mass layoffs, and restructured their business models for profitability. 

Tensions on supply chains, soaring interest rates, and geopolitical conflicts (among other things) added uncertainty to the markets — leading to falling investor confidence and crumbling company valuations. 

This fundraising says a lot about how atypical factors come to play in securing a successful investment. 

Industries seek ways to decarbonize as the consumers and regulations move in that order. Investors, too, seem keen on “green investments,” and candidates are favoring companies that help a cause. It is evident that — mentalities are evolving now.

All these factors contributed to FAIRMAT’s momentous rapid growth, and we welcome this opportunity to share our experience with other startups.

Putting all cards on the table

Fundraising is highly competitive, and we’ve had a taste of it — because people talk and documents leak. We came across many fundraising pitch decks that were unreasonably identical to ours. It is unacceptable that our months of work got copied right away – but it is even worse that only some could benefit from it

We decided to flip this problem into an opportunity by making our fundraising deck public. Find our deck below (some information is removed for confidentiality).

Bonus insights

Below are some questions from the investors as a part of the assessment:

  • What is the competitive landscape? 
  • What is FAIRMAT’s unique value proposition (UVP)?
  • How do we source our materials?
  • What are FAIRMAT’s products, TAM and SAM?
  • Product use-case across target verticals?
  • What is the environmental footprint of FAIRMAT’s materials v/s existing alternative materials? 

Contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions — we’d be happy to chat more about it.

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