Audio Market

The ease of machining and the low environmental impact of the Fairmat Infinity® range are significant assets for all audio players engaged in sustainable manufacturing.

The evolution towards sustainability is underway in the Audio market. In search of more intelligent and sustainable material, Audio players naturally turn to the Fairmat Infinity® range to get:


The Fairmat Infinity® range can replace:

  • thermoplastic injected element with a molded composite part such as a front part,
  • a complex machining metal parts with smarter molded design parts,
  • a high cosmetic finish element, a casing,
  • and even an acoustical or moving component.

at a glance


  • Recycled and recyclable material
  • Low carbon footprint
  • Get rid of plastic
  • Get rid of aluminum and metal

Smart production

  • Smart Molding Technology
  • High mechanical strength
  • High rigidity
  • Light component


  • High quality finish: matte, satine, glossy or painted


Fairmat is the ideal material for making Audio cases, thanks to its Smart Molding Technology.

Fairmat Infinity® range is designed to ease the production line by avoiding manufacturing and assembly steps. It improves efficiency by reducing the number of operations, weight of components, transportation costs, etc.

Using recycled and recyclable carbon fiber composite reduces the product’s life cycle environmental impact mainly thanks to mechanical recycling, which has a very low carbon impact on which you will be able to communicate.